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Membership Rules

1.     MEMBERSHIP IN OUR CLUB: Gymboree is a magical club for children from birth to  6 years old and their families. As a member of our club you can expect fun, stimulating classes and teaching excellence. We ask you to  respect  our staff, facilities and equipment and follow rules of membership.

2.     YOUR CLASS PARTICIPATION: Parent/caregiver  involvement in Gymboree classes is crucial and is the cornerstone of the Gymboree program. In class, you are your child’s play partner and therefore your active participation is essential in all Gymboree activities. We ask you to follow teacher’s instructions to insure the best possible experience. When using our equipment during Play and Learn class please follow your teacher’s safety instructions. We encourage clapping, cheering and other forms of praise to help build your child’s confidence. During class you must remain within arms reach of your child at all times. Adult participation is optional for kids 3 years and over for Art, Music and Sports.  Kids attend School Skills class without parents and caregivers as it helps them to build independence.

3.     YOUR CHILD’S CLASS PARTICIPATION: Mastery and confidence comes with repetition and practice. Children need to feel comfortable as they watch and absorb the class activities and for many children active participation may not come right away or easy. It is normal if your child  does not want to join in group activities from time to time. Rest assured that your child continues to learn and be stimulated even while  simply observing. As your child’s play partner, continue to suggest participation while allowing your child the freedom to decide whether to join in or not.


  • When you register for a Gymboree class your place in class is reserved for you each week for the time of your  membership.
  • Also note that up to 2 make-up classes can be done throughout your 2 month  membership where spaces are available.
  • If you are unable to attend the class, please call us 24 hours before your scheduled class. If you don’t let us know in advance, we will have to take a class off your package.

5.     CLASS EXPIRY: All classes must be used by the end of the membership expiration date. Classes cannot be carried over or be put “on hold”.

6.     NEW CLASSES: Once we have at least 3 kids wanting the same time we will create a class based on this demand, so talk to other moms  and ask for a good time for you!

7.     PLAY GYM  PRIVILEGES: Only children who are registered in the current classes can use Play Gym . All children must be accompanied by an adult (at least one adult per child) during Play Gym sessions.

8.     HEALTH & SAFETY: Gymboree’s flexible attendance policy is designed to encourage you not to attend a class if you and/or your child are feeling ill. This includes cough, fever, runny nose, vomiting or general malaise. During class, always stay within arms reach of your child. If your child becomes injured during class or if you observe an injury, notify the teacher immediately.

9.     YOUR CHILD’S ATTIRE: Children should wear comfortable clothing and socks or go barefoot during class. Bare feet allow the maximum traction and tactile stimulation.

10.   YOUR ATTIRE: Parents and caregivers are also encouraged to wear comfortable clothing, as you too will be participating in all class activities. Adults must wear socks at all times for hygiene reasons. Please make sure you have a pair of socks with you.

11.   ONE ADULT PER CHILD: Only one child is allowed per adult per class. Siblings  cannot be brought to class. If you would like to attend a class with two or more children of different ages we can offer family classes.

12.   FEEDBACK AND YOUR SATISFACTION: Our goal is not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them. Should you have any feedback regarding your class, our staff or any face of the Gymboree program, please feel free to contact a member of the management team. Remember that teaching style is very personal and should you wish to try a new teacher, you are always welcome to switch to a different class.

13.   LOST ITEMS: Please, do not leave your items without attendance. We do not bear any responsibility for lost items.


Please turn your cell phones off during the class.

Food and drink are not allowed on the play floor.

Please let us know if your contact information changes.